Patty Chan Kol Nidre recognized by the eminent French cultural website ‘Jewpop’ as one of the “Best of Kol Nidre.”

I am delighted that Patty Chan’s “Redemption: Kol Nidre Goes to China” has been chosen by Jewpop as one of the “Best of Kol Nidre.” The criteria: In Jewpop’s words: “Kol Nidre, l’une des plus célèbres prières de la liturgie juive, sera entendu dans toutes les synagogues lors de la célébration de l’office du soir de Yom Kippour. Jewpop a sélectionné les plus belles et les plus étonnantes interprétations et adaptations de cette mélodie.” Google translate: “Kol Nidre, one of the most famous prayer of Jewish liturgy will be heard in all synagogues during the celebration of the evening service of Yom Kippur. Jewpop has selected the most beautiful and the most amazing interpretations and adaptations of this melody.” ‘Redemption’ joins the other two works thus far created in the Kol Nidre Project: Kol Nidre Goes East (Nicolas Jolliet” and Todos Los Votos (Roger Scannura). We are grateful to Jewpop for drawing public attention to these works. Harold Levy: Director: The Kol Nidre Project.

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