Patty Chan’s Kol Nidre “Redemption” described by Ming Chan, her first erhu teacher, as music which was “soothing and mesmerizing” and “goes right to my heart and soul.”

Dear Patty: The music was most soothing and mesmerizing. It goes right into my heart and soul! Many thanks for sharing it with me. Your erhu and Marjolaine’s viola blended in very well together. It sounded Chinese at times. No wonder the Jews and the Chinese mixed together very well. I myself have a few good Jewish friends! The subject of Kol Nidre really intrigued me. I listened to the previous recording of Scannura and Jolliet as well. But it was the little bit of Jacqueline Du Pre’s cello provided on the website that made me want more. I must try to get hold of her playing. I went to her concert in Toronto many many years ago before she got sick. Congratulation to a job well done! It was very memorable. And I am sure if you two have a chance to play together again, it would even be better. Best Regards and once again, I love your erhu Kol Nidre. MING

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